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  1. Hi all, We have a Crown XLS 1500 amp installed in our Lecture Hall. Our sound system is used only for Lectures and Talks, no music. We have found that the Amp is cutting out intermittently, then the sound comes back in a few seconds. We have observed this usually happens when there is a pause in the Lecture, which of course is very common when somebody is talking. We can have pauses as long as 1-2 minutes sometimes. Somebody else also reported a similar problem with the Crown K2 amp on the Acapella Harmony Forum. (that msg is attached below) There the problem was that the Signal Detection Circuit for the Standby Mode had gone bad. Could something similar be happening with our XLS 1500? Is there some kind of a Sleep Mode or Standby Mode in the XLS series? Thanks a ton!! (msg from Acapella Harmony Forum) I know this is an old thread, but wanted to clue in anyone else who might be having a similar intermittent problem with a Crown K2 amp. The repeated signal loss is perhaps not really a signal LOSS, but an indication of the K2's "sleep mode" circuitry going bad. The K2 has a signal detection circuit built into the input board, and when no signal is detected the amp goes into "sleep mode" (or "standby" for the more technically correct term). I have a K2 that I have just diagnosed with this problem. In order to check the amp for a failing signal detection circuit, there is a jumper pad on the input board that can be used to TEMPORARILY bypass the standby circuitry. I stress the word TEMPORARILY. Since the K2 is a switching amp, it is generating heat whenever it is NOT in standby or turned off. Long periods of inactivity where the amp is still powered on and the signal detection circuitry is bypassed will result in significant heat generation. That said, in order to check the signal circuit, have a qualified electronic tech (or someone very skilled in the art of electronics repair) solder a jumper across the Z1 pad on the input board. Try the amp and if the problem goes away, chances are the signal detection circuit is the culprit. Hope this helps another fellow K2 owner out there. KB
  2. I recently got a XLS 1500 power amp. I cannot figure out where the Input-level controls are. So I just assumed this amplifier does not have them. But somebody over on the Acapella Harmony forum said that the Input level controls are indeed present on the XLS 1500. Can somebody guide me on this? Thanks.