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  1. Com Tech 410A Schematic/Service Manual

    Nobody huh? Well from what I could see looks like output transistor took out the emitter resistor and puked a fireball down the feedback loop- kinda hard to tell what else suspect without docs -guess repair is out. At least a good case/PS/sinks out of the deal Thanks anyway
  2. Hi, I just bought this CT410 as a repair project and it is cooked good. Output board Ch 1,all trans fried, traces on CB burned etc. Mainboard whole strings of resistors blown, couple of small signal trans exploded. All damage seems to be channel 1- boy I bought the farm on this one Anyway anyone have schematics and maybe service manual for this baby? If no svc manual, will the 810/1610 data/parts be much help? I had some hopes it would join my collection-D150A-II and CT800 but may end up as FrankenCrown bass amp :1 channel w/ Acoustic 360 front end Thanks! Vinny