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  1. HELP XTI2000

    I own a XTI2000 that failed on 9/17. Sent it back to Crown direct on 9/23 or so and here we are 11/3 and no amp! The amp was purchased new in Feb of this year and the warranty was registered My last e-mail from them indicated that it was a component level repair and it would take time. That was on 10/5. Two questions: 1) Is this the normal turn-around time for repairs? 2) Does anyone from Crown read this board? I copied Kip Whitehead on this issue as he was the only name I could find on the site that looked like they could help. My last comment in the two e-mails I sent on 11/2 was "what is Crown going to do to keep me as a customer?" apperently, not much… Also the warranty repair site has been down since before my ordeal started.