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  1. One input into two channels

    Reviving this question. Reading through some more recent threads, it appears that using the Y input mode means that only the channel 1 gain pot will work. That is undesirable for us since I'd like to be able to set the volumes for the two pairs of monitors differently. (Based on assumption that I use only one input cable from the mixer.) That suggests that i either use a real Y cable off of the input cable from the mixer. Or can I safely use a little jumper cable on the back between the two channels?? Is that safe? And which input/output jacks would work best (ie RCA or phono)? Thanks again.
  2. One input into two channels

    Thanks!! That's great!!
  3. One input into two channels

    Can anyone answer this? Please!!!
  4. One input into two channels

    "XLS DRIVECORE 1) Can unused INPUTS (XLR, 1/4", RCA) be used as THRU LINKS to additional amps? Yes, the input connectors are just in parallel with each other." So, you can link to additional amps. But how about between channels on the same amp? I don't want to find out the answer is "no" the hard way. Thanks for your help.
  5. One input into two channels

    I'm new here. And a new Crown owner. Does anyone from the company answer questions like these here? Or do you need to call a service line or something? Thanks!
  6. Hi all. We've put together a PA system with includes a XLS 1500 and an XLS 2500. We'd like to run two lines out of the remote mixer to the two amps. No prob on the mains amp, we use one line in and take advantage of the Crossover. But for the monitors, I'd love to run one line in but use both channels separately (NOt bridged) so we can run four monitors w/o going below safe ohmage loads = two 8 ohm monitors off of each channel. And since the two pairs are different, it would be real nice to be able to have different levels for each pair. But ~ does this mean i have to pack some sort of "Y" cord to split the line signal into two? Or, can you "jumper" between the two channels using a short phono cable between the phone jacks on each channel?? Thanks everyone!