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  1. Is this forum still alive?

    Thanks Tom and I appreciate your response to my above question.
  2. Is this forum still alive?

    I've noticed the same thing, what's going on?
  3. Currently running this amp on stereo high pass. How do I get this back on stereo bypass? I run through the menu and everything come up except that. Also would like to run one dual 15's 700 watts program 4 ohm rating and one single 15 400 watts program 8 ohms rating in paralell off each side. Would this amp handle it?
  4. I'm running an XLS2500 and Peavey PV115's. I've been running them is stereo bypass mode, making eq adjustments as needed on my mixer. I'm happy with the sound and performance. The frequency response on these speakers is 66Hz-17KHz, Any advantage to utilizing the high pass filter on each channel set to 66 Hz?