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  1. xls 802 problems

    when I have it repaired are they going to use the same size capictors. My friend opened his up and said 2 of them blew. he said the same, that he thought they weren't big enough. I just want this amp to be reliabe. If they put in same capacitoer that blew I'd worry it would happen again. Dan
  2. xls 802 problems

    My friend and I each own a xls802 for about 14 months. We were doing a gig at a huge outdoor event. We were each using our power amps in seperate applications when after 15 minutes or so his was pouring out smoke, then 15 minutes later mine did the exact same thing. We replaced them with backup power amps we had. My question is how come everything else worked fine except the 2 Crown xls802's. Not a problem with any other equipment! Any ideas, this was very frustrating. Thanks, Dan