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  1. XLS 402 - 2 Ohm Load

    How about the new "D" series? Do they have any more protection against overheating?
  2. XLS 402 - 2 Ohm Load

    Is it safe to run the 402 at a 2ohm load? Any of the specs you get from Crown doesn't even show wattage for 2ohm so I didn't know if it was really recommended. I'll be running a dual cab with a 4ohm rating daisy chained to a single cab with an 8ohm rating. That puts my total at 2.67ohms, but I didn't know if the amp would handle it. I had thought about putting the duals in series rather than parallel so as to bring it up to a 4ohm total, but if the amp will handle it I won't bother. Let me know what you think.