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  1. XTI 4000 clipping all night

    Mono feed split to 2 separate loads. Last night I switched the amp to Input Y mode and tuned off DSP. I think that is what I want.
  2. XTI 4000 clipping all night

    One more question for you Tom if that is okay. I'm running the kick and bass guitar out of an AUX Out from my mixer through a crossover then onto the XTI 4000 in to Ch.1. Right now I have DSP set "Bridge-Subs" and each sub out in ch. 1 and ch. 2. I'm being told that is an overload to my 400 watt subs and that I should turn DSP off and set the DSP Processes to Input Y. As you can tell, I am thoroughly confused.
  3. XTI 4000 clipping all night

    Thanks for the help! I couldn't afford that model compressor so I went with a DBX 266xs.
  4. XTI 4000 clipping all night

    I use a XTI 4000 for (2) EV T-18 subs, they are rated at 400 watt. I use an AUX out on my A&H mixer to a crossover set at 100hz, then to the Crown. I use the "Sub-bridge" DSP setting so I only input on channel 1 and connect each sub to Ch1 and Ch 2. Whenever the kick is hit, the amp clips. I have the volume on the Crown almost maxed. When I check the gain structure on the kick channel strip is doesn't seem to clip I cannot get this fixed. any help would be appreciated. Thank you.