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  1. 3600vz schematic required

    Hi Tom, Thanks for your offer of help, Kevin has emailed me the diagram, however I had managed to find the problem (a blown pre driver ) the diagram will still be very useful to me as this amp is quite a regular visitor to my workshop. It has been blown up 3 times through no fault of its own shorts etc, this last one an internal screw coming loose and landing between pnp heatsink and the grounded case causing damage to the output stage and various bits and pieces. Thanks to yourself & Kevin for your promt replies cheers Trevor
  2. Hi, I have just joined the forum today and noticed that you have managed to help other members out. I also need a crown 3600vz schematic circuit diagram. Crowns website has just about everything but the one I need. The amp has just had its output transistors replaced after a fixing screw for front panel shorted the pnp neg heatsink to ground. A couple of resistors were blown aswell R22 (22ohm) on amp board and R164 (470R) on main board. Although I am still looking I cant find any other blown components as yet. Drivers appear intact although I have not tested out of cicuit. The output follows a sine wave as you apply a signal then as you increase the input level the green signal light lights brightly(indicating distortion) and the positive going half of the waveform starts clipping it will eventually activate the relay if you further increase gain. The negitive going half is perfect. The other channel is perfect Any help / diagrams would be greatly appriciated Thanks Trevor