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  1. Hey guys, I've currently made 2 racks consisting of an xti4000-Itech6000-Itech6000-Itech6000. After spending a great deal of time creating my venues populated with the two racks, and figuring out the networking issues; i'm on to the next step. My goal is to link all 8 amps into one server and thus be controlled live through my tablet laptop making it that much easier to adjust the amps and internal crossovers from FOH. Here is the plan so far.... Im going to get a rack mounted wireless unit (any suggestions on brand/model?) and physically cable one rack into it. For the second rack on the other side the same thing. I believe its the HiQ server that will act as the DCHP and the wireless units will connect through that. System Arch V2 will detect all units and presto???? If its as easy as that (which it cant be) let me know. If there are some vets out there who have done this successfully with satisfactory results, please leave your knowledgeable feedback. Thanks for helping a show go! Ryan Fencl Pro Sound Audio www.prosoundaudionw.com ryanfencl@yahoo.com