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  1. Thank you very much . Stunning values
  2. Well this was quite exhaustive. Just one last question (I think ^^). How much is power consumption for the xls 1500 (and the xls1000 as you say it's the same)? If you need to know at what power I'd say at 6-8ohm at 50w (as I've mentioned, it's just for home use).
  3. Thank you for your answer, but I fail to understand what "better (outboard) codec" means. Could you please explain it more in detail? I would also like to know if the difference is just this codec, as you say the amps are basically the same. Maybe the xls 1500 has just a more powerful psu that can make better use of the amp section?
  4. Hello, I would like to use one of the amplifier belonging to the XLS serie for home usage. I don't need much power, as I have my speakers on the desk, and I only listen at 1 meter (I think that's 3 or 4 feet) from them. I'm mostly interested in sound QUALITY though. Does the XLS 1500 sound better (again, not interested in more watts, as I won't be using them) than the 1000? I see on the web that the 1500 has higher damping factor, and 103SNR compared to the 97SNR of the xls 1000. Please help me choose between the two. Futher to that, what is the power consumption of the xls 1000 and the xls 1500? Is the 1500 as silent as the xls 1000 if only little power is used? Or does the xls 1500 heat more than the xls 1000 at the same watt usage? How good is the dsp? Is it a 32bit or 24 bit? As I have an active subwoofer, I plan to use the xls high-pass filter for my speakers, set at 50hz. Will that lower the sound "quality"? Thank you in advance for all the answers.