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  1. XTI4000 Phase reversal

    Hello and thank you for the quick response. I have tested all three amps in bridge mode with the same reference source. They will all play fine until the polarity reverses randomly. I can go into the xover in band manager and manually reverse the polarity and it will play fine for awhile then do it again randomly. The sound difference is like night and day, there is no question as to when it happens. I have even ran each amp on a separate branch circuit thinking I was loosing AC voltage. As long as I'm just using one of the bridged amps it plays fine with no cutting out. The minute I use both amps that are bridged the problem begins. So I know the reference material is good. Is there a good shop near Fort Myers, Fl that can take a look at these amps and see if they need to be repaired?
  2. XTI4000 Phase reversal

    Just an update, I have installed two brand new display boards from full compass in my two XTI 4000's with a mfg date of 2014 on each board. The bass still wanders in and out of phase and sounds like crap. Any one have any other ideas as to what is happening with these amps?
  3. XTI4000 Phase reversal

    I bought one new board and put it in the oldest amp. There is no change with the problem. I'm going to try and switch out my top cab amps board with the other xti 4000 and see what happens. I don't have the money to waste on all new boards when I'm not sure it will fix it. I will try the mono signal and see what happens.
  4. XTI4000 Phase reversal

    I pulled the tops off and all of my amps have the version 5 display boards. So back to square one. One amp was built in 2009 USA and the other one in 2011 in China.
  5. XTI4000 Phase reversal

    Thank you very much Alain that sounds like it would make the most sense. I will open up the cover and see what version I have. It also seems as these amps get older the problem gets worse, they used to play all day without any issues when I first purchased them. I will post back when I verify this. Greg
  6. XTI4000 Phase reversal

    Ok, I have tried swapping cables and changing all DSP settings and even different crossover/ eq settings. Nothing has worked so far. I did borrow a QSC amp and bridged it to mono, to my surprise either crown amp separately worked perfect with the QSC RMX 2400 with no drop in bass output. So it seems to be a problem only when both 4000's are on together. If I randomly mute one of them in band manager when I loose the strong bass sound it is perfect from the unmuted amp, I also get the same result If I reverse polarity on either amp randomly in band manager. I have tried running each amp on separate 20 amp branch circuits with no improvement in operation. So now I just only run one 4000 because it sucks to keep having the bass randomly disappear when you try to run both of them. The sound I unbelievable when both are working correctly. Also just a note is that I live in a duplex so I doubt if I ever use even half of either amps capacity, most listening is very low volume so as not to disturb the neighbors.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm going to try this again. I have 2 xti4000 amps mono bridged each one running a 4ohm double 18 bass bin. One xti2000 to the tops in stereo. The system sounds great with one sub amp on, if you add the second one in it sounds great but only sometimes. It could play all day and sound great or just seconds into a song the bass will drop out and only when the second sub amp is on. I can go into the band manager and go the xover for either sub amp and change the polarity and the bass instantly comes back but it will go away randomly and you can either wait or use the polarity button to get it back. This system is used only for home use listening to prerecorded music. I have bypassed al DSP on the amps and it does not help. I have tied y cables on the xlr input instead of feeding it from the other amp. I have tried many input sources but nothing has helped. I know everything is wired correctly as it works fine for a random amount of time and the amps are always cool to the touch. I'm about ready to give up on Crown amps. This is the first time I have fired up this system In years because it so frustrating to be listening to music then you sometimes have no bass. Can someone help me or give me some ideas on how to solve this issue.
  8. Bass Dropout XTI4000

    I have double checked the wiring all along the the signal path and double checked the speakons as well. Everything checks out fine. I bought a direct box today thinking that would help but it still is cutting in and out randomly and with the direct box it is not as clean of a sound as I get straight off of the receiver. I'm about ready to give this whole thing up and go back to my old Velodyne sub and my tower speakers. I just wanted plenty of bass which I only get now when my system decides it will allow to hear it. I just dont understand why it will work sometimes all day correctly and other times it will just cut in and out at random. I also checked the voltage at each circut with the amps loaded and the voltage only varies by around a half of volt if even that and the lowest it read was 124.3 but mostly stayed at 125. Thank you guys for the help so far, hopefully we can get this working at its peak soon.....
  9. Hello, I have 3 XTI amps. My high end is on an XTI2000 is working great but both of my XTI4000 are going in and out of producing bass. Both are bridged in mono and crossed over at 100hz and receive their signal from a DBX driverack. Sometimes they will play all night with no problems but most of the time it almost sounds like I'm only getting about half of what I should be and then it will cycle back in and out about every 30 seconds or so. I have bypassed the DBX and fed the amps directly from the source and the same problem exists. The source is stereo reciever and I have also bypassed this and hooked up the amps directly to a Peavey mixing board as I thought maybe I was not getting enough input gain but I still get the same problem. All limiters and compressors are turned off on the amps and the Driverack. This is driving me crazy if someone could help me, I greatly appreciate it. One amp is mfg in 2009 and the other in 2011.