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  1. XTI for SRX series?

    cheers kevin thanks verry much. a couple other thingsas well , would 4 xti 4002 be over powering them ?? the reason i ask is i have a couple mates running xti amps and they seem to have won me over in power and reliability, i think the big question is , is there much difference in qualty between the xls and xti also the amps that are used in the jbl prx600 series, on the jbl site they say there tops and subs and tops run at 1000 wat each (PRX618S-XLF & PRX615M) i understand that these speakers would be spot on matched with the amps but just having a little trouble compareing them to other speakers, say if we were using the same style of speakers in the mrx range could you tell me what amps would be a closest match to the amps in the prx's
  2. hi all, im looking at new rig witch consist of 2 jbl-srx715's and 2 jbl-srx718S's. i want to have an an almost perfect amp match up for these speakers and im considering 2 XTi-6002's could some 1 please tell me if im on the right track also cause some one please give me a few pointers on drive racks as im pretty new to all this.