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  1. I was looking at the internals of my CL 1 amp and I noticed two jumpers. They are labeled P1 and P2, and are currently open. I was just wonder if anyone could tell me what these are for or what they do, and if they should be open or closed. Thanks.
  2. I recently bought an used CL 1 amplifier. The first several times using the amp it started up and played fine, but recently the clip lights started coming on upon start up and would slowly fade off. Each time I turn the amp on now it seems to take longer for the clip lights to turn off than the time before. Also, the amp just started clicking repeatedly for a few seconds after turning on. This clicking sounds like the loud click it makes right when the amp is turned on. However, the amp still plays music fine. This does not seem normal to me but I am by no means a expert. So what do you guys think is happening? What should I do anything about it? Thanks, Grant