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  1. Using 3 XLS2500 amps each in bridge mode driving a single speaker each (4-ohms each). Two are Peavey SP4 mains and a single EV TX2181 sub. I recently blew the horns on the SP4 and had to have them replaced. All speakers are rated at 1000W (continuous), 2KW (program), and 4KW (peak). In this configuration the XLS2500's will deliver 2.4KW to each enclosure at max power. Looking for some rules of thumb to reduce the gain controls on these amps sufficiently to make sure they are properly matched and won't blow anything else. However, the gain controls do not contain a dB gradient so I can't tell exactly how far down to set them. Right now i'm setting them to MAX minus "7 clicks". Not very precise but so far so good. Using a Yamaha analog board to drive them, through a DBX driverack. Thanks, John