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  1. Mac USB Communication

    Actually they did help, or would have helped. I seem to have stumbled across the info on the VMX file on my own and got it working. I logged onto the Forums to try and comment to my own message. All I can say is that these hints do work. Not sure how up-to-date the info on Parallels not working is, as they've come up with several version updates since the era when they did not support USB HID. One thing, strange, was that I did get a few COM port errors (COM1 in Use) on the Windows (VM) while trying to tie into the Crown amp. But now these errors seem to have gone away completely now, and System Architect is behaving itself and communicating to the amplifier. Arlen
  2. Trying to use System Architect (3.0) in a VMWare VM session (of Windows XP) on my Mac. The software works, however I can not communicate to the Crown CDi1000 amplifier that I intend to work with. Of note is that it is seen on the Mac side (list of USB connections) but never by the VM--the option that should come up of connecting to "Mac" or "Windows" never pops us. I compared the setup on my older Windows-based notebook, and I can communicate with the amplifier properly on that. Has anyone had success using this type of setup, or have any suggestions on what the problem might be? Thanks, Arlen