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  1. Macrotech 2401 in standby mode

    Thanks, I guess you've just saved my life. And I like you already for being brutally honest. Ok. This is not for me. I'll have it sent to the Crown representative in Holland. Have a nice day ...!
  2. Macrotech 2401 in standby mode

    Thanks, how and where to start this? I'm not really a repair tech. There's no voltage at all at the transformer.....
  3. Hello, one of my four Amcron 2401 amps has been running for about half an hour on a normal 8 ohm load, for background music only. Both channels driven, same type of speakers and not loud, so to say. Suddenly, the right channel went dead, the ODEP led went out and the green led was lit bright. The left channel remained in good working order. Before this all happened I haven't heard funny noises or any distortion in the sound. According to the manual this is the StandBy Mode. When I switch the amp on now I can hear the relay click every 4 seconds so apparenty the circuitry keeps checking whether the problem is solved. Can anyone tell me what might have happened and what there's to do now? Is there some reset option? Switching on and off doesn't help, the speakers are ok, speakerleads aswell, inputleads also, I've checked all cables. The unit (clean as new) has got the PIP CLP module fitted an I've cleaned the contacts of that multiconnector. HELP please....