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  1. D-150A II Hum in speakers

    It could be cap related. Make sur ethe main supply caps the screws that mount them are tight. Over the years the fiber washers can dry causing the filter caps to become loose. Also put the amp back into stereo mode to see if this is on one channel or still both. Since you are in bridge mono both channels are linked together. The most common thing over the years would be C4 and C5 on the main board getting leaky. These supply the 10V to the input IC's and can cause noise problems when they go bad. So make sure filter caps are tight and replace C4 and C5. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Suport
  2. IC150 Volume Pot

    Oh ******************************************** Not even the update kits, or even the 150A stepped atenuator, which may not even be the same law??????? OK. next question please.. I understand the basic pot seems to be a 400Klog for volume use. Would a 500K one be ok as a generic replacement, with maybe fixed resistors on the additional "loudness" tappings to simulate a gentle fixed "loudness" curve when the button is depressed? One final thought. the Swedish form DACT make a 500K stepped attenuator which isn't totally out of bounds in costs. maybe one of these could be used, with approximate tappings taken to the loudness connections? Mind you, a cheap donor looks to be the best alternative..... The pot that was used on the IC150 was specifically made for that product back in those days. There was never a replacement kit or some type of retro fit of another type or style of pot tried. All you can do is try it and see if it works. We stopped repairing these models more than 15 yrs ago because parts ran out and since many of them where special ordered type components you can't get anything like them somewhere else. Sorry could be more help. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Support