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  1. Awesome. Any amp suggestions from Crown between 400-500w rms to each channel? I'm overwhelmed by all of the products!!
  2. What if I got a 2-channel amp and hooked up each 4ohm channel to one of the voice coils on my sub? Its a dual voice coil 4ohm sub so perhaps that would work. That would open the options up greatly!
  3. It would definitely be easier to do what you are suggesting, but I would prefer to keep the current equipment I own. Not sure it would be cheaper... As far as the power handling of the sub, I am well aware of what you are saying. However, I have gotten to know how the subwoofer handles with different amounts of power quite well over the past 2.5 years of ownership. It can handle what it is rated, but I definitely understand the concern you have brought up. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Thank you for the reply... I glanced at those models you specified. Unfortunately they both seem to be a little out of reach.. With the xls, not having bridged 2ohm, and the price of the macro-techs.. I'm starting to lose hope, but is there such a device that exists on the market which could tailor my needs? I'm sure the market for them must be small if I have yet to find anything yet. Anyway, thanks for the help, but if anyone could think of something I haven't that would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts on using a giant 75amp power supply to power my current amp? For the price it might not be worth it, but it's a thought. Here's an example:
  5. To keep this brief I will just give you the basics of what I need and see if you have a product I will be able to use. I want to use the subwoofer I have purchased for my car in my home audio system. The sub can handle ~1000w rms. I haven’t figured out a cost-effective method of running the amp I currently am using for it on AC power, so that’s where Crown comes in. I’ve pretty much realized that a new amp will be the most viable option. So my question is, do you make an amp that can either bridge to 2ohms (at around 1000wrms) or will produce a mono signal at 2 ohm impedance around that power? Thanks a bunch!