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  1. Did you try to connect some other amp? How do you connect everything? You connect directly to the amp via USB?
  2. XTI 2000 sub and highs

    you cannot dasychain subs and speakers unless you have passive crossovers (No in such use anymore). you need to put the subs on one channel and the PR12's on the other. Ideally you'd need to amps for this but not necessary. It is a MONO setup though so you'd also need to sum the CH1+CH2 signal.
  3. You'd have to call the customer service at crown
  4. Company Logo on Amps

    What do you mean? on the screen?
  5. if you get another sub you should position it right next to the first one, that would give you a +3db advantage. aditionally I wouldnt use two different amps, I would use the 4002 for each but the 2002 would do a good job too.
  6. Help with setup

    Use the information in this link to calculate the value to put in the limiters of the XTI, http://forums.prosoundweb.com/index.php?topic=5229.0 If you run into trouble then let me know and I'll try to crunch those numbers for you. As for high pass filter for the main speakers it's not necessary. For the subs you need a high pass filter and a low pass filter sunce they are folded horns but not just. there is no logic in trying to make them produce sound that is below their frequency responce. All the best
  7. Help with setup

    OK, a bit of basics is needed... First... The gain knobs DO NOT lower or limit the maximum power of the amp, it just takes the gain down so given enough voltage on the input would still produce the maximum power on the output terminals. Second... You should always try to run your subs in mono. I think what rweston was trying to say is not to run them in bridge only. you need to sum the input of the two channels (right and left) going to the subs into one mono channel SUM(CH1+CH2) and then run the subs on this amp. What do you use to configure these amps? I'll get back to you about limiter configuration in a few hours
  8. Xti 4000 220v

    I'm using it reliably for the past 3 years on 220V, no problems what so ever. All the best
  9. Hi Dakos,

    I am planning to use the 1/4 inch inputs of the Crown XLS1502 to send signal to a powered subwoofer.  The manual says that it can be used as a loop-thru signal.  Is it safe? I am planning to use a TRS to RCA cable.   Thank you.

  10. Actually there is, or rather it emulates it the way Deromax explained, but it depends on what you use to play the video, so please let us know.
  11. Xti4000 volume knobs

    Watch this video and try to learn more about whole system proper gain structure. I believe this is what you're looking for. If I'm wrong post another reply here with what info you're missing.
  12. The difference between the 2002 and the 4002 will be negligible at best. Just use the 2002 and if it's not enough we can discuss upgrading options that would give you what you're looking for. Did you connect to the amp with a laptop? Do you have Audio Architect installed on this laptop? If not, make sure you have a computer with this free program and write me in the reply so we may move ahead into programming your amp to work with your speaker.
  13. Crown XLS2500 Stereo bypass

    That sounds like a good plan. If the DSP in the XLS is enough for your intended usage then it will work great.