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  1. You mentioned in the pinned topics "power draw Vs power output" that the difference is the efficiency, I think this is what he means... Thanks for the replies.
  2. A three room club venue I am writing about advertises the following sound systems: 1. a 650 capacity room which operates a "Crown state of the art 50K Amp" sound system. 2. a 500 capacity room with a 30K amp Crown system. 3. a 500 capacity room with "MAIN SOUND SYSTEM is the LOGIC SYSTEM PRO AUDIO: 18KW of power going from the MC2 E SERIES AMPS to the various speakers giving enough power to add other LOGIC speakers to the mix if necessary." How do I compare the systems measured in kA to systems measured in kW? As a very general rule of thumb what would be the minimum / maximum powers generally required to provide the best quality sound in a venue 500-650 capacity venue? Thank you!