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  1. Crown XLS 2000

    Are you using a sine wave input? Yes, we are using a sine wave input What voltage and frequency is the input signal, and what input jack are you using? U=0.7V F=1Khz Are you using a power resistor? Yes, we are using a power resistor How are you measuring power? P=(U*U)/R sticker on back side of amp is 350W, what is it mean? http://xmages.net/i/3139369 Thx.
  2. Crown XLS 2000

    I have bought Crown XLS 2000 and too disappointed! Because it's real power is around 300W per channel (with 4 Oms per ch.) I've measured it with oscillograph and tester. Why the info on the official site differs from real? Minimum Guaranteed Power XLS 2000 Stereo, 4 ohms (per ch.) 650W http://www.crownaudio.com/amp_htm/xls_drivecore. Please explain my amp is broken or the information on the site is absolutely incorrect? Many thanks for help!
  3. CROWN XLS 2000

    Give me please schematic for this amp?
  4. CROWN XLS 2000

    Hello! I Bought CROWN XLS 2000, 110V gear from USA. But in my country we have 220V 50Hz. How I can change this? Is it possible to convert? Many Thanks for help!