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  1. I have a tht-lp and want to purchase a crown amp to power it. In future i would like to make a second tht-lp so a 2 channel amp is preffered. I am looking for ~400-500rms at 4 ohms for this sub. I am leaning towards a xls1500 drivecore but also considering a xti1000 and willing to consider any other. Amp needs to obviously be power full between 20hz-80hz. A subsonic filter is not really needed. I would like a DSP feature or a good EQ system. Thanks in advance for help, Alex
  2. I have a jbl/crown bpx2200.1 which puts out 2450 at 4 ohms and 1850 at 1 ohm. This is going to be going in my car. I am getting two dual 6 ohm subs. I dont know is i should run the subs at 1.5 ohms off the amp or 6 ohms of the amp. Which configuration will give me more power and less current draw? I har it has less current draw at 4 ohms, is this true? Thanks in advance for the help... Alex