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  1. Hi Tom, So this is what we are trying to do. We have USB Hub with the amps connected then connected it to a router via the USB port. Then place Air port extreme as a bridge at the console and the extreme has an Ethernet out of it. Then Plug Console (Yamaha LS9) into that. Hopefully the console will recognize that as connected then using an Macbook or PC or Ipad to control them. Does that make sense? Is there an easier way to do this? Do we need a host computer to keep the ad hoc network always up? My network skills are limited so any help will be awesome!
  2. Hello everyone! So I am new to this forum and I am reaching out to everyone to try to get some advice on this project I am doing. I have multiple Crown xTi's and I would like to make a network to adjust them front of house using my ipad. I am sure this has been done and I wondering what the simplest way to do this is. If I need a host computer? What type of Switch do I need? As much info as anyone has will be very helpful. I tried searching through the forums but I don't think that option is available to me. Thanks! Shawn