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  1. xti4000 clipping before zero

    Hello Kevin and Hello Famtom i also have been having the same issue I dont know if its cause of the current or cause of the amp already going bad i had one amp clip on me im running 2 xti4000 and running them bridged mono with 2 srx725 on each and i changed amps and that amp still clips seperate current and also works fine but when its suppose to perform it clips on me afraid i might blow a speaker. also Kevin you mentioned the xti4000 is the minimum that those speakers can run at what do you recommend for them?? i am getting 4 srx715 to do a fill in as my church is expanding and considering to swap the amps and use the xti4000 for the srx715 what are your suggestions? i figure if the eq would be an issue i would be having problems with the other side i use a yamaha m7cl board and running 2 31band eq 1 per side both eq at the same freq each and both have the same outs and system panned out correctly suggestions please!!! i also have ultra tech 4040 3 of them 2 xti4000 and also have qsc plx3602 and plx3102 for monitors running eaw's thanks for helping out. I recently down loaded the band manager and was gonna try trouble shooting if i could but seen this made me think twice same problems i am having