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  1. PIP card suggestions

    I hope this is the best place to post this. I just have a few suggestions for the PIP-lite and the multi-channel CTs cobranet card. Currently, I am happy with the PIP-lite for 2-channel amps, and I would like to see a lot of those features included in the multi-channel CTs. Namely, all the aux port options. The CTs8200/4200 can only mute from the aux in. The PIP-lite can increment preset, power off, mute, etc. Are there any plans for a future firmware upgrade to the 8200/4200 PIP card to include some of these switching options? Also, I wonder if it will be possible for the PIP cards to eventually trigger System Architect custom panel presets, rather than just local amplifier presets. The primary focus for me is to switch many amplifiers on and off from a switch closure. Currently, it would work for 2-channel CTs, but the only way to power on/off the multi-channel is from software control, not switch closure. If the multi-channel cobranet card was able to power on/off from the aux port, or if the PIP-lite aux port could trigger a SA custom panel preset to turn all amps on/off, that would solve all my problems. Until such a solution exists, though, I am stuck using a power sequencer. It would be really great to include better power switching/standby options in the CTs8200. Thanks. -Chris Lambert Audio Tech, Santa Cruz Seaside Company
  2. I see the PIP-USP4 module is only compatible with 2-channel CTs amplifiers. Will the CTs4200/8200 USP/CN be upgraded to include AVB support? I would really like to be able to put 8-channel amplifiers on my Hi-Qnet AVB network. Chris Lambert Audio Tech, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk