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  1. xti 4000 with jbl mrx 525

    Awesome thanks a lot.
  2. Whats up, Im new to the forum and new to live sound so sorry in advance if these are stupid questions. Currently the setup I will be running are 2xJBL mrx 525's and 1x xti4000. One mrx going to one channel and the other going to the second channel. Correct me if I am wrong, but when the amp is turned on and DSP off is displayed on the screen, does this means the amp is at the 1200w/ch at 4 ohms setting? Since the speakers are continuous at 800w at 4 ohms and the amp is 1200w/ch at 4 ohms does anyone have advice on different settings I should play with through the software? Also, since you are able to change different settings such as the limit through the amp, is the any reason to buy a separate compressor/limiter or mixer to help control the output of the amp? Thanks for any advice