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  1. BEst amp for Bass Rig

    Tom, thanks for the response. The power handling of both of my 1x12 cabs is rated RMS. So Bergantino 1x12, 350 RMS, Aguilar 1x12, 300 RMS, both 8 ohms. As to the 3rd cab, I'm not sure at this point, however it would almost certainly be an 8 ohm load with similar power rating. Just so I'm clear, you said: "When you parallel two 8ohm loads, it becomes a 4 ohm load, which this amp CAN handle in bridge mode. However, adding a third speaker in parallel will drop the overall impedance to 2.67ohms which no amp can handle in bridge mode." Does this mean that if I'm only running the 2 cabs and I run the XLS1500 in stereo, one cab on each side, then the Crown will see that as one 4 ohm load, not two 8 ohm loads? I was thinking that in stereo each side would be independent, thinking that if I did in fact add a cab then I could run the pair of 12 cabs on one side (both 8 ohms, daisy chained to produce a 4 ohm load) and then perhaps a 15" cab - 8 ohm - on the other channel. Are you saying that this would not work? Looking at the specs on the website I got the impression that the XLS could go as low as 2 ohms per channel. I must be missing a key aspect of what your trying to tell me (sorry, am a bit slow sometimes) Thanks
  2. Hello - First time posting here. I'm a bassist, looking to put together a new rig. I'll be powering a pair of 1x12 cabs, a Bergantino HT112ER and an Aguilar GS112. Both 8 ohm cabs, the Berg rated at handling 350 watts, the Aguilar at 300. At some point in the future i might add a 3rd cab, possibly a 15. The XLS1000 or XLS1500 would seem to be a good match for my needs. A couple of questions: Assuming that I do add another cab at some point, would the XLS 1000 still be enough or would I be better off to get the XLS1500? If I run the am in bridge mode can I still use the Speakon connectors or can bridge mode only work with Banana plugs? When the fan kicks in is it fairly quiet? Thanks much.