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  1. Crown M28

  2. Crown M28

    I would like to hook up the M28, being as how it is already bought. Any ideas, anybody?
  3. Crown M28

    Thanks a lot, Tom. I am a newbie so I appreciate your patience with me.I will order these cables, hook em up and let you know the outcome, ASAP!
  4. Crown M28

    I have two cd players a, a turntable and a receiver hooked up.The only hookup for stereo on this board is two RCA plugs. If you look up the 1622 USB and can tell me another way to incorporate all of these components I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks for your reply.
  5. Crown M28

  6. Crown M28

    I have a bi-amped (2 XLS 1500's)stereo setup and are currently using a Rotel RC-850 preamp to a Behringer 1622 mixing board. I have the amps in crossover mode with a set of JBL Cabaret 4691's and a pair of JBL JRX 118S subwoofers, one amp for one 4691 and 118S on each channel. I am hooked to the 1622 at the stereo/USB RCA inputs on the board to the RCA outputs on the Rotel pre-amp.How would I go about hooking this stereo setup to the M28? ( My ignorance knows no bounds!) Help!!!!!Thanks in advance.
  7. XLS1500

    I could use a little help in that department! Thanks!!!
  8. XLS1500

    I need a step by step setup for these two bi-amped units and the exact settings,PLEASE. I am ignorant about these setups. I am looking for the BEST sound at about 100 db, with the stated cabinets. I am an ex drummer who knows nothing about this, just have a taste for loud, clear music!!!Thanks!
  9. XLS1500

    I have them in crossover mode ,set to 105Hz.
  10. XLS1500

    I'm going to use 2 1500's and bi-amp, one for the 4691's and one for the JRX118's. Anymore setup tips? I have it bi-amped w/ 2 XLS 1500's, now.I should set the HPF to what freq., and the LPF to what freq.?
  11. XLS1500

    I'm going to use 2 1500's and bi-amp, one for the 4691's and one for the JRX118's. Anymore setup tips?
  12. XLS1500

    I have a Crown XLS1500 and a pair of JBL Cabaret Series 4691"s. I just purchased a pair of JBL JRX118S passive !8" subwoofers. The 4691's have a low impedance 1'4" jack on the back of the cabinet. I was wondering if I can run the 118"s from the 4691's in stereo mode, or do I need to bi-amp with another 1500 and a crossover, and if so, what do I need to set the crossover to? Thanks! P.S. I'm a newbie dumba**, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!