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  1. Which Amps for the Job

    dakos, I finally received my request from tech services on the speaker in the array boxes. 2- 10" 8 ohm speaker wired in series giving 16 ohms total for LF 2- 2" 8 ohm driver again wired in series giving 16 ohms total for the HF So, it looks like you were right on with the. So the new and improved plan is this: The 4002 bridged into two parallel boxes, 16 ohms per box, 8 ohms total, 2400 watts, using the limiter to limit the amp to 2000W will give the desired 1000W peak per box. The 4002 parallel mono, each channel into 4 parallel HF drivers, 16 ohm each, 4 ohm total per channel impedance, 1200W total per channel gives 300W peak per HF box. You could also use the 2002 for the HF drivers but you would need to use more amps. I think the last thing is how much -db to dial up on the limiter, -5db or -10db to decrease the amp to 2000 watts.
  2. Which Amps for the Job

    Just so to make sure so there are no more mistakes, can you please check the actual speakers impedance? dakos, Yesterday I ordered (4) of those line array boxes. They will becoming DHL, so I should have them, by the end of the week, and the first place to start is to check the speaker impedance. So, for now It looks like we will be at a stand still until they arrive, but better safe than sorry. David
  3. Which Amps for the Job

    Hi dakos, well I've made my decision. I found some new XTi-6002 B stock amps at a more than fare price so, I will be going with those. Fininally the last question. Would these be running in bridge mode or stero mode, the same applys for the 2002. Thanks for all your help. David Using XTIs is not a problem it just means using allot of XTIs, For the LF 4 x 4002 or 2 x 6002 per side. For the HF 2 x 2002 per side. I do think that using MAi for the LF drivers is better and the 9000 will cost just a little more.
  4. Which Amps for the Job

    dokos, thank you for taking the time to review and answer my questions. Lastly, the XTi 2 series is likely more in my price range for amps at this time. Is there a way to use the XTi 2 series. I was thinking that maybe a 4002 in bridged mode would do(XTi-2 8 ohms bridged 2400 watts) (2) boxes, but then again I'm stuck with what to do on the HF side. Do you have any thoughts or added suggestions, using the XTi-2 series? David Well, my best guess is that they are speccing their speakers differently from what I'm used to, I have to play it safe and consider their 1000W peak as the true number, that means I will treat them as being 250W RMS. Since they are 16 ohm boxes, and you need a 6dB headroom, you need allot of power, 1000W per box, 8 boxes per side, that's 8000W amp per side peak, either the ITech 6000, 8000, 9000 or the 12000 can provide that, the MAi 9000 or 12000 will also do a great job. You need to connect 4 boxes per channel to get a total of four ohms. Did you mean using THIs for the job?
  5. Which Amps for the Job

    Thanks for your reply. First question, I'm running (4) 4002 in bridge mode on my subs. I need to purchase enough amps to drive (8)line array boxes per side. Oh I will be adding some extra sub also, but not at this time. I have priced every line array made both here in the US and Europe, and was surprised to find that there was not one company able to supply a small sound company with a mid sized line array system, that could be used out side and in 2000-3500 seat in door venue. And when I said looked I don't mean a casual glance around the net, I mean a year or more pricing, comparing both new and used. So what I've come up with is a manufacture of line array systems in China(no wonder there are no jobs in the USA). This is the web site link directly to the product. When your looking at the specs, make sure you look at the W-210A, array. There are 2 sets of specs listed one for a W-210, and the W-210A. Hope this will shed a little more light on what I'm trying to do. And you may be thinking Hmmm....What about TVi Audio, been there. (2)-10" and a 1.75 driver 1799.00 each dakos hope this helps. David It would help a bit to find out what other gear you have, do you have more amps or just that 4002 for now? Can you specify the exact box name and model instead of the specs alone? I think your numbers are a bit off (either 2000W peak or 250W RMS). What do you use for processing? 1002 could work but it wouldn't give you the headroom you want. Nowadays amps have almost no headroom in them while speaker still do, Especially the budget series amps like the XTI. So to get the headroom you want (+6dB) you need an amp about 4 times the RMS wattage of the speakers. This would be OK to use the maximum amp output for short bursts (headroom) but NOT for continuous music. Here is a great article that explains everything in detail.
  6. I need a little help picking a few amps to drive my line array. Each cabinet contains the following components. I plan on jumping two boxes together, and using one half of a XTI4002 to drive (LF section)of the two boxes, of course the other half will drive another two boxes. My dilemma is what to do with the HF section. Do I go with the XTI1002? Lastly I would like to keep about 6db of head room. LF section 2×10"(260mm) neodymium woofer LF 500W(RMS)1000W(PEAK)(8 ohms) per box HF section 2×2"neodymium compression driver HF 160W(RMS)320W(PEAK)(16 ohms) per box Crown has never let me down in the past, So, I though I would see what you guys suggest. If I'm totally wrong, thats fine.....You guys know what will work best. David
  7. XTI-2 6002 or 4002

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I will be going with the XTi4000 bridged. David
  8. I have been rebuilding the low end portion of my PA , and I'm unsure sure how to power these new drivers. The new low end drivers are The Peavey 18" low max subwoofer with a Power capacity: 4800 W Peak, 2400 W Program, 1200 W Continuous. Two speaker a side in single cabinets. So, were at 4 ohms , now what do I drive them with a XTI2 6002, or XTI2 4002, of course this would be per side, also it would be nice to have about 6db in reserve head room. Thanks for the Help David