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  1. New to 70 Volt Systems

    Hi Kevin, Thank you so much. I just ordered a CTS1200. I have a question, though. I couldn't seem to find an answer in the manual, and I didn't see it in any of the diagrams. How do you select 70V mode? On the old Com-Tech series, there was a sliding switch on the rear of the amplifier that said something like "8/4/2" on one side and "70 Volt" on the other. I haven't seen any sort of selector switch on the CTS series amps. Where is it located? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I've been building live sound systems for nearly 20 years (8/4/2 ohm systems), and only in the last month have learned about 70 volt systems, due to the fact that I have a client who wants build an outdoor system for them. They are, obviously, very different. But I think I understand 70 volt systems now, and they're actually pretty simple -- assuming my research was done correctly. But I wanted to confirm with the experts I'm sure are browsing this board. The speakers for my system will be JBL Control 29AV. I want to use Crown Amps These 70 volt JBLs have Transformer taps @ 110W, 55W, 28W & 14W For my question, I've assumed that I'll use them at the 110w settings Config. #1: So, if I buy the CTs 600 amplifiers, and use them in 70v dual/two-channel mode, I can get 2 speakers per channel and be 80 watts under the power rating. Is this correct? Config. #2: Or, conversely, if my final design needs more speakers, I can buy the CTs 1200, and put 4 speakers on each channel? In the long run, this outdoor system will have between three and five geographical zones. Since I'll control audio through a Matrix audio switcher, I'm thinking that I'll need something like 16 speakers, and up to 4 amps. Have I gotten the calculations right, or horribly wrong? Thanks in advance!