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  1. Thanks in advance as I don't understand how this stuff works beyond consumer level electronics. Here is my setup; I have a crown cts 8200 that I got for free and 6 JBL 26 ct (in ceiling pro series speaker) along with 2 - JBL 19CST in ceiling 8" woofers that I want to install into the ceiling of my shop. Since my source will be ipod into preamp then preamp out to crown (unless there is a smarter way to hook this up) I don't know how best to setup these speakers. How do I configure the 8" subwoofers to receive the lower frequencies and should I connect one channel of the cts8200 for each speaker for best performance? I created a little drawing to illustrate what I am talking about. I hope that someone can help me.
  2. Service manual CTS8200&1200

    I would like to replace the fan on my CTS 8200 - it is making a grinding sound that I have heard before when fans on other devices start to fail. Can I replace it myself or can it be repaired without replacement? Thank you.