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  1. Anyone has never compared the two series to understand the differences .... no tests face to face? I am interested to know what sound difference between the two models ,,,must play different because XTI is AB or H class while Xls is class D ...therefore must play different.... any of you has never done any comparation?
  2. XTI 1000 VS ROTEL RB1070

    Deromax I agree with you Crown XTI 1000 is a nice amp I like the sound and it's features ....but Rotel sounds better as sound quality and seems to have more power especially at low frequency .... if we lived close I could show you the differences ....
  3. Hello I have compared my Crown XTI 1000 alongside my ROTEL RB 1070 hifi amp using the same preamp Nad 1000S, the same mixer Soundcraft M12 and even using other others home made preamps etc.. the same couple of speakers, same music, same songs etc…. the Rotel appear to have little bit more power to my ears …how is this possible if on the specs the Rotel RB1070 has just 125 Watts per channel compared to 275 watts per channel of the Crown? Are the Hifi amps better builded? Maybe the internal power supply can delivery more current or what? Comments? Explanations? Ideas?
  4. I have one XTI 2000 and I am planning to buy a new one version XTI 2002, what are the main differences about the old and new version? Any of you have tested the new version? How does sound the new one? Is the sound very different? Are the internal circuits and component different or the same?
  5. I have bought a Samson Servo amp to power my monitor JBL and no bad at all for the money I have paid....any comments about Samson? What your experiences abt Samson amps compared to crown amps?
  6. Adding more filter capacitors

    What is wrong with your amp??? have you find a flaw in Crown design perhaps Perhaps capacitance addition it may incruise the responce on bass and give some more watts , easier responce on impulsive transients, less ripple on audio (even if was inaudible) ???? in any case the jump from XTI 1000 and XTI 2000 is enormous in terms of number of additionals parts and components....on the contrary there's no big jump betwin XTI2000 and XTI4000 ...............
  7. XTI always ON

    OK but...must be a limit .....would you leave it always on indeed ??? How many years ????
  8. How much time (hours or days...) can be left on an XTI amplifier without any input signal and in perfect cooling conditions without deteriorating itself ? In other words, how much time can be left on (under power on) an electronic audio equippment so that it does not reduce its own life duration? I mean amps...mixers consolles ...etc...
  9. Kewin and the others well...I got the XTI series service manual and took a look to the schematic circuit.... well what about the sound if I add in the XTI1000 electrolitic capacitors C59 and C60 1200 mF 200 VL each and C43 and C44 10000 mF 35 VL each? does it worth the addition?
  10. XTi firmware versions

    Is It important to change the firmware sometimes? What advantages can I get?
  11. Kewin my friend tnx for answering....well I bought a new one XTI1000 paid 400 Euros (new one? there was written in side that it has been manufactured early in the 2010 now is 2011....ok) I am listening it the whole night and day ....all night long...I hooked several preamps hifi and home made preamps one mixer soundcraft and Mackie etc.....different CD Players etc....I like the sound expecially on highs! But I have a complain...this amp heats so much! I I put this amp on the table, on a sheet of polystyrene and after a couple of hours I smelled something burning!!!!! that smell comes from the power supply, then I removed the sheet of polystyrene under the unit and raised the amplifier in order to make air move under the unit (not only front and rear!!) and now does not heat up more! This amp has cooling problems!! my other amps do not have this problem at all....however the sound is good I like it ...very matchable with my treble speakers.
  12. Kewin I have a question, well I want to go for Biamp situation I actually have a Crest CC2800 for bass, I need an amp for highs and I am undecided if buy the XTi1000 or the XLS 1500 drive core...tell me on your opinion which is the most matchable between the two ampls for highs? Which one reproduces the best as possible high frequancies? I mean the best possible sweety and clear sound hifi other words which is the best for my purpose which one sounds better on high frequencies? Perhaps class D don't reproduce the reality as the class AB does?
  13. Sir What do you mean about "codec" the pilot preamplifier? Tell me What operational amps are installed in the imput section of XTI and XTI2 and XLS1500 something like NE5532 or OPA 2134 etc?? What's the difference between one discrete codec and a dsp codec in terms of THD, frequency responce, S/N ratio, SOUND QUALITY and other parameters? In my opinion it's very important the SOUND QUALITY to me because i want to give to the audience the quality similar to hifi equippments, all my loudspeakers are home made with top hi grade professional components, crossovers are home made with hi grade capacitors etc.... Sorry for my english but I am italian.
  14. XTI Class Amp Operation

    thanks for the reply but I have more questions, well you say that the series XTI does not have the fun control then I suppose the fun speed is always fixed? Or Does it varies with the temperature of the unit? In the previous post you say that XTI is a D class operation while here on this post you say that is an AB or B class operation …so I am confused! Tell me both series XTI and XT2 are assembled in China?
  15. What's the difference between the two models? I mean as sound quality, fidelity, class operation etc.....