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  1. Hi there. I've managed to get Itech 8000 amp working with System Architect on my older laptop, after a friend advised me what settings to change. The problem is, I'm trying to use another laptop instead and at first I had "low or no connectivity" showing in winxp which I tried to repair unsuccessfully, and amp wouldnt show up in System Architect. I have messed around with laptop connection IP address after looking at "System Architect Communication Troubleshooting Steps for Ethernet Devices" document on this forum, and now System Architect shows my amp. I can open amp in System Architect and mute, link etc but if I try to open one of the modules like limite, System Architect and laptop freezes and I have to reboot. I suspect it's the ip address I've used that maybe causing the problem. Please help me get this laptop working. Thanks in advance