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  1. I am in the process of upgrading and would like a recommendation on amp sizing. The amps would be running 4 SRX 725's and 4 SRX 728's. I am getting a great deal on 2 ITech 12000 HD's and will be running them in stereo mode at 4 ohms a side for the 728's. What I have seen from some of the other posts is that Crown is recommending ITech 9000 HD's for the SRX 725's, speaker specs put them at a ITech 5000 at 4 ohms. If a Itech 9000 HD is a better fit for the power hungry speakers that is okay with me but I want to make the best fit so not to be dissapointed later on. Knowing the Crown and JBL line what would be the best fit? Also DSP or no DSP? Pro's and cons of either purchasing the ITech HD or MAi line of amps for these speakers. I am using a DBX Driverack and currently the only DSP option I have set on my XTI amps is the limiter at -3db. I use the X=Over from the Driverack. A professional opinion on this will be appreciated. Thank You
  2. XTI Amps Thermal Light

    Thank you for your reply. I will run the test on the amps to see if I can get the fan to turn on. The thermal light would flash for just a second then go off but I never did see the fans come on. I will set the fan to low or ona nd see if that helps. Also I did have the limiter on set at -3db but I did notice that only the -20 LED cam on and that is when the thermal light also came on so I know I wasn't close to clipping. Again let me state that it was only on the very peaks that this occured. I will check it out again and if it persists I will have it checked out. I am runing 12GA cables to the speakers but like I said the system was not that loud and not being close to maxed out.
  3. I am running 2 XTI 4000's on 2- MRX528's and 2- XTI 2000's on 2-MRX 525's each amp in bridge mode on a single speaker. This past weekend I noticed a red light intermittantly coming on with the XTI 2000's, at first I thought it was the clip light but it was the thermal light. I was not close to clipping but at peakes the thermal light would just blink and go off. I didn't not think that I was close to pushing the system and I understand the 4ohm load is like 2 ohm but I just never noticed it ever doing that before with the size of the venues we play. No problems with the XTI 4000's and the subs were thumping. Also I looked in the back of the amp and the fans never came on during the times the thermal lights blinked. I would think if the amp is close to over heating the fans would come on. The amps never cam close to clipping. Also I was told from a Crown rep that I may be better off with a XTI 6000 because they are based off the MA series line. I am thinking of scrapping the XTI line all together and going with the ITech series but what bothers me is that Crown always advertises in the specs the 2000's run at 2000W @ 4ohms in bridge mode. It's really half true, yes they can run but we really don't recommend you do so. If I would of done some better homework before I purchsed them I would of never bought them knowing the JBL cabs are all 4 ohms. I am thinking of moving up to the SRX line and there is no way I will consider the XTI series. I just kind of dissapointed in the marketing of these amps. I heard my cabs in a club and they were running Peavey CS series amps and I was very impressed with the lows and highs, my chest was pounding from the kick and the clarity on the high end was very good. I talked to the soundman at the club and he said he swears by the CS series. I don't think I can ever get that with the XTI's unless I move up to the 6000's or Itechs. I was even think of just trying out the Peavey CS amps for a show just to see if the performace is any different. I like Crown but not very happy with the advertising of this line, if you don't recommend it then don't advertise it will do it. It's okay if you are in a pinch but for normal operation get a gigger amp and run it in stereo. Any thoughts about this? Thanks!