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  1. Limiting on bridge mode

    Hi, The firmware is V1.301. Thanks for looking. JP
  2. Limiting on bridge mode

    Thanks for your answer. We already knew how an amplifier is working in bridge mode. The limiters are just not working the way they should be. A voltage or power limiter applied to the input 1 of an I-Tech 4000 in bridge mode is not limiting the output at all. Can you test it on your side and give us your results? Please be advise that on the software screen display it seems to work just fine, but there is no limiting at the output of the amplifier. Thanks! JP
  3. Hi there! We are using I-Tech 4000 amplifiers in bridge mode. It seems that the voltage and peak power limiters are only working on the IQwic screen (we see the shadow of the fader moving) but with no effect on the output of the amplifier. In stereo mode both limiters work fine. Any idea about that problem? Thanks JP
  4. PS8810 copy/paste ?

    I've been trying on IQ to copy/paste filters from one output to another. It works the first time but never works since. I've tryed offline, online, on a new design, etc. When i paste, it opens the paste dialog. I click OK and it seems to engage it but nothing change on the filter block. Any ideas ??? Thanks JP
  5. Preset in IQwiq

    Hi Kevin, I've just update to V7.12 and it works. I was running V7.0.0.6. Sorry not to have tried it before ! Thanks JP
  6. Preset in IQwiq

    I was at home trying to modify my I-Tech 4000 presets on IQwiq. Seems like it's not possible to recall presets when offline. Stuck on preset 1 ! Any ideas ?