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  1. I am sorry, but I don't know what a Cinema screen array is. The JBL 3632 designation was the setting for the amp but to be honest with you I am not sure what all it means. It is hooked up to about 30 8ohm speakers. Can you explain to me what the Cinema screen array is?
  2. Just wanted to update the forum for the good of all. There was nothing wrong with the amplifier. I found that by switching each classroom to channel B, (not channel B on the Amp, I running in bridged mode, but channel B in the PA rack) there were all able to hear the announcements. This was found by sheer dumb luck/divine intervention when I could hear the announcements in an old chem lab storage room. The room did not even have a room number on it but I guessed by the sequence around that room and then went back to the rack to find that was one of the few rooms on channel B. I flipped all the rooms to channel B and now all the rooms can hear announcements. Extremely strange though that a what I would think is a physical wiring or connection change could be made with out me even in the closet.
  3. Would I measure the load impedience with an ohm meter, please give me dummy instructions if you can.
  4. In my previous life about 6 weeks ago I was a network administrator and now have been moved to a new job that requires me to support a 30 year old PA system for a school district. About a month ago , people on the 1,2 and 3rd floors were complaining that the sound over the PA speakers was becoming distorted and eventually they could not hear anything from the speakers. The sound on the 4,5 and 6th floor which are fed by different amplifiers sound fine. I replace the 10 year old Peavy amp which was running in bridged mode for an output of 1200 watts with a Crown DSi 1000 which I also am running in bridged mode for a total of 1400 watts. I configured the Crown DSi 1000 for JBL 3632 bridged mode and y input. The amp worked fine for a about a week then I heard a user or two starting to complain about distortion and now there is no sound at all coming out of the Crown. Nothing that I know of has changed since the Crown amp was working a couple days ago. The indicator lights up front show ready, signal, the -20 and -10 light up when there is an input signal and the clip and thermal light are not lit. The only trouble shooting I have done was to power off the amp, and turn it back on. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this problem? If I hook up a Quam C5 (which is supposedly 8 ohms) , what wires do I connect to the Crown amp?