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  1. Hello again Gang, I am a very happy vintage Crown Audio camper. Each piece I own seems to work properly and continues to sound great. In my home audio systems, I use: * SL-2; * PL-2 & PL-3; * PS-200 & PS-400; * K1 & K2. Is there any preventive work I should have done on any of my gear? I ask this because another amplifier manufacturer (Bryston) suggests their vintage units are eventually sent back to the factory for "refurbishment", which typically includes: * New power cord & power switch; * New filter capacitors & feedback capacitors. Some Bryston owners even have the old-style power square-shaped transformers replaced with the newer "Toroidal" donut-shaped ones, at considerable expense. Finally, do the Crown folks in Indiana still repair their vintage units? I sent a PS-200 to them about 5 years ago for some light work and was pleased with the service, but got the impression I would soon be out of luck owning vintage pieces. Is this true? Thank you.
  2. I am an avid vintage Crown Amplifier collector, but now have a problem with my home insurance company. I have convinced the company that I am *not* a dealer of audio equipment, but now they want to know the original retail prices of my various pieces. I own the following pieces: Pro Line Three Pro Line Four PS-200 PS-400 K1 K2 If anyone could help me, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.