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  1. speakon or banana

    Like everything in life, it depends... Which amp? Which sub? oooops...xti 2000
  2. speakon or banana

    when bridging two subs should I connect them to channel 1 with a speakon or use the banana input ?
  3. xti 2000

    i have 2 B52 LX-18EV3 18 wich according to "B52"...they cand "handle" 1000 watts. I'm going to assume that they peak @ 2000 watts. Is the xti 2000 sufficient to run 2 of these subs Bridged or should i get an additional amp to run them seperate ?
  4. xti 2000 limiter

    subs are 8 ohms and i'm running them brigde. so that would drop it down to 4ohms correct ?
  5. xti 2000 limiter

    I have double 15 full range speakers that run 700 watts continuous and would like to know what "DB" to choose for the limiter and subs that peak 1000 watts. Thanks for input