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  1. Hi Guys, kind of a long winded issue here. Hope someone can help. The system is this: 4@ Vertec 4887's, each with its owm crown macro tech 36x12, Driverack 4800, Yamaha LS9. Things have been fine for a while, then suddenly, we started losing the 4" mids; they started making a god-awful noise, almost digital sounding, then nothing. We replaced all the 4's (it's a difficult-to-get-to install, so we figured why not) noticed a channel of the 36x12 bad, switched the amp. Then we lost some again. Two more amp channels were seen without red lights, so the crossovers in two boxes were replaced by one of the guys. The other two boxes taken down. While we are waiting for the other crossovers, I thought I'd pop in to one of these forums and ask if any one else thinks this sounds strange. Is it typical for Vertec crossovers to go like that? and at the same time? Another thing I noticed is that the room the amps are in is extremely hot. It didn't use to be; there was a fan. But apparently there isn't now. It's hot in there. And I mean hot. This sound like anything anyone else has experienced? Any replies would be greatly appreciated. JC