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  1. But, they still say I need the subsonic filter to avoid pushing the rare (but existing) sub 10-12hz content to it...especially at some of the SPL's I'll be running it at. I think the subsonic filter deal is way over stated here. Your box alone will protect the driver to some extent below it's tuning point. I have ran a few differant custom built subs with half the driver in it & Never had a problem with content in the subsonic range unless I was playing at well over referance levels.
  2. Hoping I can find a little help on this matter. I have two 602's running in a home theater system, one running my Infinate Baffle sub system & another running a Buttkicker Tactical transducer. Both amps run in brigded mode. I don't want to get into a long story here so I'm gonna try to keep everything simple. Both amp are well out of warrenty by a couple years & the amp running my Buttkicker has crapped out. I'm pretty sure the capactors have taken a dump as the tops on all four have swelled slightly on the top & also lifted from the circuit board. The amp will power on, I don't get any fault light & it will still play though it is very erratic. Capactors being pretty reasonable cost wise I thought about just replacing them & seeing if it fixes the problem. Thats what leads me to my main question. The amp has two 100v 4700uf caps per rail in the amp, but has space on the board for two more caps per side. Being the applaction I'm running them for can I add another one or two cap's of the same value per side? My thought was that if the caps are bad to start & replaceing them fixes the amp adding more capasitance may releve some of the strain on the amp. Being that the amps are driving low impedance loads & working primairly below 35hz I thought it couldent hurt. Am I thinking all wrong on this or is it possable to do without causing another problem? Thanks for any help...