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  1. Bad XTi-1000 display?

    PM sent -- thanks for the quick response. Jon
  2. I've got an xti-1000 that I've been using for monitors. I think it has the ribbon issue/bad display. It started by showing "phantom signal" on one of the channels (shows signal, even though nothing attached). It has the latest firmware. I've had issues with no volume (cured with a tap on the knob), and now the display has now become garbled. the blue power light is also dim and flickers (compared to my other Xtis.) I think it may be the display panel. It's out of warranty, but is there any campaign to fix this issue out of warranty? The serial number is 8001281781, and the date on the serial number sticker is 8/16/2006. Any insight or help that Crown could offer would be greatly appreciated. Jon