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  1. Ok, so run 2 512's stereo off the xti 4000, and 2 528s off xti 6000 CH1+ CH2 = dual mono, i havn't done that before, thanks for the help. I have read about centering the subs, i will play around with how far to have the 512s from the subs, thanks again Dakos.
  2. Hi Dakos, no, i just need a rig for the main hall.
  3. Sorry, just got my internet hooked back up, my contract ran out, and i didn't want to enter another contract with them, found a good provider now, now contract. What i ended up doing was, 2 of the 512m's with one xti 4000 stereo, over 1 528s one side of the xti 6000. I have another party to dj for on new years eve, about 200 - 250 people, trying to figure out what to do for this one, i was thinking 2 of the 512m's with xti 4000 stereo over 2 528s with one xti 6000 stereo, i know it is 200-250 people but, that is going to be through out the building, looks like the hall area will only hold around 100-150 people, any suggestions? and what setting in the amps would you recommend?
  4. Not sure what, sum the signal going into the subs means, i need to do this as easy as possible, i am still learning.
  5. Looks like i posted this in the wrong thread, sorry.
  6. I have to dj a Cristmas party tonight, what would you use, and how would you set it up with Band Manager? There will only be about 50-70 people in a medium sized hall. Gear i have, 2 Crown xti 4000's 1 xti 6000 2 jbl subs mrx 528s 2 mrx 525's 4 mrx 512m's i will be using Band Manager, I was thinking about just using 2 of the 512m's on xti 4000 in stereo, and one 528s off one side of the xti 6000. how would you do the settings in Band Manager, just load the speaker files and that is it? do i set high pass\ low pass filters?
  7. What are the benifits of using a driverack pa+ with the xti's and the mrx's, or, do i really need one?
  8. jbl mrx 512m and xti?

    I just remembered, i do lighting, and i have a couple of http://www.globaltruss.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ItemNumber=272&MainId=4&Category=41 would these be over kill for that application?
  9. jbl mrx 512m and xti?

    Just the built in angle, do you have any recomendations for speaker stands dakos?
  10. jbl mrx 512m and xti?

    I was thinking about picking up a couple of Global Truss st-132's, right now i am using a couple of OnStage stands, non crank. If i had a couple of the st-132's with the K&M fork i could use 4 of the mrx 512m's. I will definitly get some photos at their next memorial, they have several. Actually, here is a link to our local news website that has a video you can see the honda genny at around 00:55 sec, you can also see one of the speakers on a stand. http://www.theobserv...red-at-cenotaph One more thing, you can see at the end of the video how it is setup at the 1:12 mark.
  11. jbl mrx 512m and xti?

    Thanks dakos, I was wanting to put 2 on each speaker stand with one of these http://produkte.k-m.de/en/Speakerlighting-and-monitor-stands-and-holders/Accessories-for-speaker-stands/24105-SPEAKER-MOUNTING-FORK-black for more coverage, people were filled the park from all side, this way i can turn the speakers to face every angle.
  12. jbl mrx 512m and xti?

    The Honda EU3000is worked great, nice and quiet. I was wondering how many JBL mrx 512m's i could run with a xti 4000, i only used 2, would have loved to have used 4, i was not sure if i could run 4?
  13. jbl mrx 512m and xti?

    Thanks for all you're help and you're quick replies dakos. I reserved a Honda eu3000is from the local rental company. Again, thanks for everything, this is why i buy Harman products.
  14. jbl mrx 512m and xti?

    dakos, do you know if this generator will work, has a automatic voltage regulator. http://www.auroragenerators.com/generators/portable-diesel-generators/agi6500sde#ecwid:category=2991958&mode=product&product=13323984