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  1. Hi Jan.W , I manage to make some drawing of the power circuit connection. The color code of the transformer is difference from the Crown Schematic. Is there any other advise you can give me on the following wiring diagram to wire it for 230-240v line voltage? In this drawing, The line voltage is originally wired for America 115-120v . ( all the wire color code is correctly copy from the xover power transformer) Regards wifigirls
  2. Hi Sir, I had just purchase a used vintage Crown VFX 2 electronic crossover, I have download the instruction manual to try to wire it from standard 120V to 230V use. However, when opening up the unit. I found all the wire color code in the unit was not the same color as state in the manual. The power transformer i have now is 3224 46-P-19D-23426. It consist of 4 color wire : Black , White , Green Blue . ( I guess this 4 belongs to line power input stage), Another 3 wire was solder to a small PCB board which connect to all the control to the crossover unit. ( I think this is unlikely to be for any of the power line connection ). With the instruction manual/schematic i downloaded , those color code for wiring the power line stage is totally difference from what i see in my unit ( Serial Number FX177 Model FX-2 ) I am 100% confirm my unit i bought from US is a CROWN VFX2 Electronic . ( Not a Crown FFX-2 Model Crossover Unit). Can any Crown Electronic Tech here be able to help me out with this Power Line Re-wiring Situation? Please,Please help me out in situation like that. I can be contacted by email : wifigirls@yahoo.com.sg Best Regards Jan.W