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  1. Considering going a new direction from the standalone DSP as it will cost me well over $200 after the unit cost, shipping and cabling. My sub is "tuned" for I'd like to know if this will work with the Crown xs 900 I selected: It seemed pretty straightforward to me, but a member on AVS suggested this: "Someone would need to measure one and see where the roll off is in use as it does not specify the expected Zin for the following amp." Can someone make heads and tails out fo this for me, please? Does the rolloff NOT start at 20hz? ??? Further what's ZIN and how does it relate to my amp? Again I'm going with a Crown xs900 and simple want to provide a HPF at 20hz to "protect" my passive sub from ultra low freqs. thanks! James
  2. Hi and thanks again Kevin: Looks like I'll just pick up one of these: ,an RCA to Phoenix converter cable to go from the AVR to the mindsp, and a Phoenix to XLR cable to go from the minidsp to the Crown xti 4000. Seems many in my situation love it. Not terribly cheap ($135) but it appears very powerful and I can always use it for another sub down the road. Thanks again for all of the insight! James
  3. thanks again Kevin. ONE more question: someone suggested looking into an amplifier (perhaps this one) that simply doesn't ouput 10hz below or is significantly down in dbs, straightaway. Don't suppose this applies to either of these amps? thanks and enjoy the weekend! James
  4. Cool, thanks Kevin. Let me ask you another question if I may. Do I need to be concerend with a drop in sensitivity when using a RCA to XLR "converter" cable? My pre-out voltage on my Denon 4311 is specced-out to 1.7V if there's a bit of a drop and you need to know the baseline. I've read so much conflicting information on the matter- some say I'm fine, others say I need a line-booster. Seeing the input sens on the 4000 is 1.4 and I'm at 1.7, I'd like to think the former. And another quick one: I realize these are pro amps and not specficially designed for a dedicated home-type subwoofer, but can you foresee Crown dropping down that highpass just a BIT for guys like me who really want to use them without having to add another DSP in the chain...say down to 12-15hz? I think I'll try an 18db/oct at 20 to see what I get...that means I'll be down 18dbs at 10hz, correct? And that's a pretty uniform slope (?), so if I was at 100dbs at 20hz (assuming linear response down to 10 which I know isn't the case, lol) that would be ~96 @ 18hz ~92 @ 16hz ~88 @ 14hz ~84 @ 12hz ~80 @ 10hz What I'm trying to do is define a slope using just the XTI4000 that both protects my driver AND lets me keep my 15-20hz output the best I can. Hope this makes sense to you. thanks so much man, James
  5. Ok, first I'm considering either an XTi 4000 or XLS 2500. I like the XLS for ease of the RCA in, but it appears that the 4000 may have a more robust x-over/filter section (dont know for certain). Here's my main issue: Both the sub manufacturer and a host of others on AVS forums have told me that I NEED a subsonic filter. The sub is a ported, 300lb monster, with 30mm of one-way excursion and a 18" 70lb custom-built driver. Tuned to 16hz, with output down to 12-13hz, in-room, and capable of handling a couple thousand RMS watts, it's pretty darn serious. But, they still say I need the subsonic filter to avoid pushing the rare (but existing) sub 10-12hz content to it...especially at some of the SPL's I'll be running it at. Ok, first: can either of these amps apply such a filter/x-over WITHOUT hampering the output the sub CAN produce, between ~13 and 20hz? My inclination is NO, as it appears you cannot apply/start a slope any lower than 20hz that, regardless of its nature, will be either too gradual to be effective on the "low-hertz gremlins", or, will be so steep that I'll lose considerable output between 13 and 20hz. I hope the problem is clear, as well as my reasoning. I realize I could add another outboard dsp and do some more intricate work, but I'd REALLY like to avoid that if possible!!! Last, what are folk's thoughts straightaway for this application: the XLS 2500 or xti 4000? I read some time ago that the xti 1000 (and perhaps others) had some neutered low-end ouput, but that's been remedied (or was just an issue with the 1000). (?) Of course that's exactly what I DO NOT want with a subwoofer amp!!! thanks so much in advance for any guidance! James