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  1. Hi all, new to the board since just getting the XLS 1500 and had a ? about some of the settings for what I am using this for. I added this amp to my home theater set up to only run some tactile transducers that I installedI installed 8 Clark Synthesis TST 239's,( 4 ohm,100w continuous,freq. resp 15hz-17khz) one to ea. seat. I am using the pre sub out terminal on my Onkyo receiver. Used RCA cable splitters, one to my self powered Polk sub and the other ends to this amp ch1 and 2 inputs. From the amp outs 1 and 2 they go to the transducers which I fused in line. My question is this amp is default set on stereo bypass mode,and all works great with my 7.1 surround set up but I am wondering what the other settings are for such as high pass-low pass and cross over or should I just leave at current setting? anyone else have transducer set up? Thanks