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  1. I to am not sure what exactly is the specification for this B6 filter this is why I am posting here. Since my amplifiers are Crown and my subs are JBL both Harmon products I thought you guys might know. I have found info on Google about B6 filter using "B6 subwoofer boost" as my criteria. In any case from what I have read so far B6 boost or filter (called both both) increases the signal to the amp by 10dB at 22Hz but I cant find any information about the Q slope. If I can't find any answers I'll just have to figure out how to analyze my theater room using pink noise and some kind of spectrum analyzer. anyone have any info on this as I have only read about it and never attempted?
  2. thanks, This chart is exactly what I needed
  3. I am completing the set up for my home theater and I need to know really how much amperage I should pull from my box. setup is Integra 9.8 pre amp 4 each XLS 602 amps 1 each XLS 2202 amp Optima HD-20 projector Home theater computer with 650 watt ps other items with little draw BD player xbox 360 cd player playstation 3 I can pull up to 4 dedicated 20 amp circuits from my main panel before I have to add a sub panel do you think this will be enough amperage for all my stuff? my main concern is that I don't know how much power the amplifiers will draw under heavy load during reference level movie watching.
  4. Hello all, I have a home theater setup where I have 2 each JBL 4645C Subs. they sound really nice as each one is driven by a single channel from on one my XLS 602 amps I am working on tuning the setup and I have read a little about a B6 filter. I guess it is supposed to increase the the db on the signal side down near 20hz but I have also read that in order not to clip the amp or over exert the woofer in my sub I should HFP the signal at 20 to 22 Hz. I am hoping that someone here can help me by suggesting some equipment that I can use to accomplish my B6 and HFP goal. thanks
  5. Some More Home Theater Questions

    Thanks for you input, Is the AVS forum that you speak of part of this site? if so what is the name of the discussion. yes, my rack is ventilated to the room behind my Home Theater.
  6. I am looking at adding some power to my home theater. My current setup is a yamaha HVR Receiver that has an LFE out for the sub, it is a 6.1 receiver. I am currently using a sony self powered 12" sub and it is OK. I am running 2 cerwin vega D-9's for the fronts, 2 Cerwin Vega D-3's for the rears and a Cerwin Vega Center. I'm going to use 2 JL 10W6V2's in a custom ported box for my subs. I need to know a little about Crown Amps. I was looking at the model matrix of Crown Amps on the Crown website and I see that 3 different types are listed for use with cinema. Now I know this is big cinema stuff that they are talking about but hey I'm thinking I like the big cinema sound so what the heck. I am looking at a DSi 2000 or a XLS602D to drive the subs. I am not worried about the fan noise as my equipment is in a wall rack with a sealed glass door. 1) I am hoping that someone in the know can tell me the difference in the sound quality between these two models. 2) Can someone verify for me that their is no sound quality loss from a RCA to XLR tranformer? 3) Do either of these amps have provisions to use a lower voltage unbalanced signal and still perform to their potential? 4) are these amps noisy- hiss or hum or anything like that? 5) later I would like to power my Cerwins with more Crown amps and I would like to stay with the same model line, knowing this would you suggest one model over another? 6) Is there anything to the DSP or crossover circuitry that is on the DSi that can be used in my home theater on my subs or when I buy more of these amps to use with my fronts rears and center? 7) I would like to also ask if anyone knows of a good 5.1 or 7.1 pre amp with balanced out that won't break my piggy bank? thanks in advance