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  1. Dear all, i have a configuration of one xti 6000 on each channel i connect 4 Bose MA12 speakers 2 MA12 in series then parallel to another 2 MA12 in series is there any problem in that configuration? specially if one connection is loose then the amplifier will see 16 ohm impedance?
  2. thanks for your reply i'll not connect the 4 sets into one amplifier.... only 4 speakers =1200 watt / 8ohm on one bridge XTI2002 or one channel of XTI6002 and i'll repeat this 4 times , so total 16 speakers on 4 XTI2002 or 2 XTI6002 what is your recommendation
  3. dear i have Bose MA 12 speakers it is 300 watt @ 8 ohm i'll make an arrangement of 4 speakers as following 2x8ohm series = 16 ohm , and 2x16ohm parallel = 8 ohm again and wattage = 4*300=1200 watt on total 8 ohm , this arrangement will be repeated 4 times = i have total of 16 speakers and i want to use XTI family my question is : is it better to use on XTI 6002 @8ohm = 1200 watt per channel or to use 2xXTI2002 as bridge mono giving me 1600 watt at 8 ohm bride... by the way using two XTI2002 is cheaper than one 6002 any recommendations from Crown/users?
  4. Crown CDi - 70 or 100V ?

    no problem no discrete mode , but is it really give me 100V in case i connect 100V speakers on it?or it will give me only 70 volts even if the speaker is on 100V tap? and how it will know ?
  5. Crown CDi - 70 or 100V ?

    Thanks for the reply,, But please clarify more , what is the difference between Japanese version and other versions ? what does "**100Vp" mean in the manual ? Will the cdi amplifier modify itself according the speaker if it is 70v or 100 v? and how? Many thanks for your support
  6. Crown CDi - 70 or 100V ?

    Dear eng. Moreno, I have the same question too , when i read in the manual I found that it say :CDi 1000 A1 (100V version) .... which means that htere is two versions of the cdi 1000 , but looking on the cdi series page : i can't find the 100v version... So i still have the same question to Crown Audio : Where is the 100V version of the CDi series? Thanks for your support Sheriff Helmy Senior A/V projects design engineer