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  1. Hi All, I just bought a refurbished Crown IT-8000 on ebay. When I open box I find power cord & clip (hold power cord on the back amp) were missing. When I can purchase these two items?. Thanks And one more question. Can one IT-8000 run 4 JBL SRX718 sub on stereo? Thanks
  2. I have: 4 JBL VRX932LA 2 JBL SRX718 Sub 1 Crown XTI6000 1 Crown Itech8000 I would like use 4 JBL VRX932LA on Itech8000 (one pairs per side of each channel) 2 JBL SRX718 sub on XTi6000 Is Itech8000 enough power for high. or I have to buy one more Xti6000 to run two JBL VRX932LA on each XTi6000 on Bridge Mono? Then use Itech8000 for sub. I need give me some idea please. Thanks