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  1. Where are the genuine xti 2000 made? Asking cause I saw one that had a made in china tag. Thanks
  2. authorized dealer

    Thanks, time to make that purchase..
  3. Is this company Unique_Square-Inc. that sells on ebay an authorized crown dealer? Thanks
  4. another amp ?

    Your right on the cheaper cost, as far as bridging I am new to this type of setup, do I run my existing speakon cable setup or do I need speacial cables? Would like to retain speakon connection then bare wire connection. Also would I loose stereo type sound with 2 amp setup? Thanks
  5. Need advice on amps. I currently have a power amp that rated 1k@ 4 ohms p channel. I am running(2) 2 way speaker speaker cabinets rated @ 8 ohms 15" lf2 Eminence kappa with hf driver. I would like to upgrade to a more powerfull system. I was thinking of getting 2 crown xti 2000 and bridging each amp @ 8 ohms and getting matching speakers by emminence or better I just want ( 2) 2 or 3 way cabinets. Do I loose sound quality using this set up? Should I just get one amp rated at 1200 w @ 8 ohms perchannel? On my current system if I change out current speakers for 4 ohms rating would I notice any gain in music volume or sound quality? Thanks